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Uses Of Himalayan Pink Salt

Just like paper clips, Himalayan pink salt uses are versatile. Both of them serve beyond their primary purposes.


 We have put together a list of 20 uses of Himalayan pink salt that exist to date.

Edible salt

Being a salt, we use Himalayan pink salt primarily to add flavor to our food. The nature of its hard crystals gives us a different pouring experience. Also, it eliminates the need to get treated with anti-clumping agents. 

When we consume Himalayan pink salt, we consume 84 trace minerals besides sodium and chloride. It contains less sodium as compared to table salt and its taste has slight metallic notes.  

Grilling slab

A Himalayan pink salt cooktop offers uniform heat distribution, seasoning while cooking, guaranteed hygiene, and a non-stick experience. It can take our sizzle steak to next level!  

Besides that, we can use it anywhere whether it be a grill, oven, or stove. Its shapes vary from rectangular to hexagon, from circular to square. What if I tell you there’s more to it?

We can use it to serve and present our food. We can chill it to serve sushi or desserts, because of its temperature retaining property. 

Animal lick salt

Animals need salt for the same reasons as humans like electrolyte balance, bone health, and muscle spasms. A Himalayan pink salt animal lick provides your livestock with essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and many others. 

Where to place it? You can put it on the ground or hang it with a rope in a stable. It ensures better fertility, milk production, and brain functioning of your animals. 

Also, historical facts show it was an animal (Alexander’s horse) that first discovered Himalayan pink salt by licking it. It’s time for us to return the favor to them.

Salt pillows

We can use Himalayan pink salt pillows in two different ways. The first is cold therapy, it helps to alleviate swelling from injuries. And the second is hot therapy to reduce tension in the neck or head. 

You might be wondering how it does that? It contains Himalayan pink salt crystals inside it to ensure you wake up fresh. It also lowers the risk of morning allergies and can be a better alternative to a heat bag. 

Asthma inhaler

If you suffer from Asthma, you should try inhaling Himalayan pink salt. Here’s why! Besides being natural, it loosens your mucus, kills microbes, and strengthens your air passages.

A Himalayan pink salt inhaler consists of a ceramic inhaler with a salt chamber. We can fill the chamber with salt crystals and inhale them through our mouths. It can relieve our asthma symptoms for a long time.      

Pink Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps can purify your air and boost your mood. It does so by absorbing harmful particles from the air and releasing negative ions into it. 

Apart from being your happy buddy, they can fill your room with a warm hue. 

Also, you can place it on your work table to enhance your work quality. It consists of a dimmer and a wooden base. It comes in different hand-carved designs that add to the decorative appeal of your room. 

Pink Salt Walls

Himalayan pink salt bricks and tiles can help us increase the benefits we gain from a lamp. We can install our walls at home or office by laying the bricks upon one another. 

Either you can install them with the support of a previous wall or even support free. They need gentle lighting for a better glow. Himalayan pink salt walls can help us sleep in a relaxed environment by reducing our stress levels. 

Rooms and caves

We can build a whole room and cave using Himalayan pink salt tiles and bricks. Sounds magical!

When we are in such a room, everything from ceiling to floor is made of Himalayan pink salt, radiating its therapeutic vibrations. How does it help us?

It purifies the air lowering the risk of our respiratory issues. It improves our mood and raises our energy. It reduces our skin problems too. 

Foot detox

Our feet can become neglected often when it comes to skincare. Also, not everyone is a fan of complex pedicures. Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification can fight bacteria off our skin.  

We can make a foot soak by dissolving Himalayan pink salt in it. Also, we can use foot domes which help release sweat from our feet. Both these procedures ensure the removal of toxins from our bodies. 


Himalayan pink salt for the bath is a convenient way to mimic a mineral bath. We can dissolve Himalayan pink salt in a bathtub and let ourselves soak there for at least half an hour. 

Let me tell you why it’s a treat to your body, especially on a tiring day. It helps absorb multiple minerals, reduces fatigue, elevates mood, heals headaches, and nourishes the skin. It’s a complete package!


Himalayan pink salt clocks can help us keep a track of time too. Yes, you read that right!

You can buy a wall clock for your room which can make your air ionized. Besides that, the Himalayan pink salt alarm clock is a small device, which mimics a sunrise and makes you feel activated upon waking up. 

It has a base with Himalayan pink salt crystals and its top is made of wood. It glows and fills the room with its amber-colored luminescence to wake you up. That’s a vibe for sure!

Salt massage balls

We can use Himalayan pink salt massage balls to remove fatigue, joint inflammation, and swelling. They also aid in reflex zone massage. Their modes of use can be hot, cold, or wet. 

These natural massage balls deliver their essential minerals to our skin layers. They make our blood circulation better which in turn detoxifies our bodies. 

Also, if you aren’t a fan of using deodorants, then these massage balls can help fight odor-causing bacteria. 

Soap bars

Himalayan pink salt soap bars are special because they possess the qualities of both a soap and a massage ball. They can make you feel relieved with younger-looking skin. 

Also, they help in reducing skin problems like acne and eczema. Using it can make you look younger than your age fellows (and them curious to know your secret). 

These soap bars are chemical-free and lather-free. You can wash your hands with them and balance the pH of your skin.  

Mortar and pestle

A mortar and pestle have always been a traditional tool in our kitchens. A Himalayan pink salt mortar and pestle, on the other hand, can give a brilliant look to our kitchen counter. 

Apart from that, when we crush your herbs and spices in it, we impart the taste of Himalayan pink salt to them. Also, our blend becomes enriched with the goodness of minerals present in Himalayan pink salt. 


Himalayan pink salt crockery items can be a great addition to the arsenal of your mother’s crockery. They include shot glasses, bowls, and plates of different sizes.

The good news is we can clean them easily by just rinsing them with water. They resist bacterial growth which makes them safe to use.

Also, they can maintain the chilly temperature of food or drink. This feature can step up our food serving game!

Nasal rinse

Seasonal allergies and sinus blockages can be hard to tackle. We can get rid of them by using a Himalayan pink salt nasal rinse.

But why does it help? It creates an environment hostile to bacteria. When the rinse bathes your sinuses, it lowers the congestion. 

Also, it heals inflammation making your mucus linings fight better against the toxins. It’s the most suitable salt for a nasal rinse because we don’t have to worry about its iodine content. 


We can place a Himalayan pink salt candle holder on our dinner table or while having a peaceful bath. Its radiance can give an instant boost to our surroundings.

Also, these chunks of Himalayan pink salt are beneficial for our spiritual health. Because they propagate positive vibrations. 

They absorb the water vapors and harmful particles from the air. The heat from the candle makes them emit those water vapors again but in a purified form. It ensures the purity of the air we breathe in.

Salt table and recliner

Himalayan pink salt tables contain salt crystals and give us a spa-like experience. A heater warms up the crystals. They emit negative ions to obstruct your bring down your stress hormones. 

A Himalayan pink salt recliner consists of salt bricks. Along with the warmth of the bricks, its flexible position relieves backaches and muscle aches. Both of these items can ensure our all-round well-being.

Salt hangers

We can hang Himalayan pink salt crystals in our windows with Macrame cords. They can provide an environment that’s free of allergens and negative energy. They give an exquisite look to our room for sure.

Apart from them, we can hang a Himalayan pink salt chunk below the shower. This way we can get smooth and clean skin after a shower. 

Salt pendant

Himalayan pink salt pendants and necklaces are distinctive jewelry articles. Besides serving as an adornment, they can cleanse your energy field. 

Also, they can make you feel more grounded. These pendants can emit negative ions making you feel good on the inside and outside. 


From kitchen to bathroom, from office to farmhouse, from decoration to jewelry, Himalayan pink salt proves to have many functions. A wonder of nature packed with exemplary benefits!

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