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Himalayan pink salt lamp benefits


The benefits of the Himalayan pink salt lamp are like an unforeseen yet pleasant discovery. We buy them as decorative pieces but reap their underlying advantages. Let’s have a look at some of their beneficial possibilities. 


When it comes to Himalayan pink salt lamp benefits, some researchers say that they are totally made up. While pink salt lamp retailers over-exaggerate them. Let’s unleash the truth. 


Himalayan pink salt lamps have more benefits than just giving light. They act as dehumidifiers by seeking the attention of water vapors in our surroundings. We call this process hygroscopy.

Let’s first understand why this hygroscopy occurs. Salts attract water and being a salt, Himalayan pink salt is bound to have the same nature. It leads to the failure of both Himalayan pink salt and water vapors to resist each other. 

If you live in a coastal area, then there’s going to be more humidity. The Himalayan pink salt lamp can help us reduce water vapors in our surroundings. Next time, you can make your makeup last long due to less humidity. 

Also, water vapors can make water drip on our walls and make our porches damp. To cope with it, Himalayan pink salt lamps can absorb an extra amount of water vapors leading to dehumidification.

Fewer contaminants

Do Himalayan pink salt lamps absorb only water vapors? NO! It absorbs several toxins that get stuck to water vapors. Since water vapors hold up indoor and outdoor pollutants like dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke, and toxins. 

One of the benefits of Himalayan pink crystal lamps is that they attract water vapors as well as trap these pollutants. It can have a purifying effect on the air we breathe in, even though it might not be a lofty one.

If the air is clean, then there’ll be fewer odor-causing particles coming from humid conditions. Pure air can help us tackle the side effects of passive smoking. Also, it can inhibit the growth of mold on our walls or clothes. 

Negative ion-therapy

Himalayan pink salt lamps are both a receiver and a giver. A lot of water absorption can lead them to cry. Yes, they can cry too. 

To remove the excess moisture, we can turn on the salt lamp. The heat from the bulb helps them release water vapors back into the air. But this time in a purified form. 

Besides that, Himalayan pink salt lamps emit negative ions. But to our surprise, these negative ions leave a positive impression on us. A study says that negative ion therapy has proven to improve our mood and treat depression.

Even though negative ions occur in nature but our enclosed houses make their concentration low. To have readily available negative ions, we can light up a Himalayan pink salt lamp.

Balancing radiation

Our lifestyles have made our exposure less to negative ions and more to positive ones. It’s because electromagnetic radiation from our electronic items and toxins from our polluted environment, all possess a positive charge.

And how do they affect us negatively? They can make us more distracted, anxious, and irritated. But a Himalayan rock salt lamp is beneficial in two ways.

It emits negative ions balancing the amount of electromagnetic field in our environment. Also, it absorbs water vapors carrying pollutants reducing airborne toxins.

Treating SAD and depression

Himalayan pink salt lamps can reduce our mental health issues. The most prominent among them is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and as the abbreviation suggests it makes us feel sad. 

Here the negative ions from Himalayan crystal lamps come to the rescue. It’s because when these ions enter our bodies, they stimulate serotonin production. Serotonin is a chemical that promotes a good mood and sleep.

That’s why these lamps can save us when depression hits us during autumn or winter. Also, they can help us alleviate symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, depression, and hopelessness. It improves our overall mental well-being. 


Stress from work can make us feel distracted which in turn doubles our stress levels. To counter it, we can place a Himalayan pink salt lamp as close to our work area as possible. 

But how do they help? We know, they increase our serotonin levels. It leads to an elevation in our ability to work. Also, it makes us respond quickly and feel more energetic.

All of this ensures a better concentration on our tasks. With the accomplishment of tasks, we’re going to have even more serotonin production. That’s a win-win situation.

Ease in inhaling

Nasal blockages, congestion, asthma, and other respiratory ailments develop when mucus builds up in our air pipes. Inflammation further rubs salt in the wound.

Himalayan pink salt lamps stop our situation from getting worse by removing allergens from the air. Breathing in salty air can help in the detachment of mucus from inner linings. 

When there are fewer allergens, there’ll be fewer chances of getting irritation and swelling our air passages. It can even lower our dependence on chemical inhalers for asthma.

Color therapy

Himalayan pink rock lamps give off a dim warm light. Just the cozy environment it creates in a room can make us fall asleep easily. 

But there’s the principle of color therapy behind it. It’s an alternative to blue light and can help in the stimulation of melatonin. Melatonin makes it easy for us to fall asleep. 

If we suffer from insomnia or don’t prefer a dark room, then Himalayan pink salt lamps can make us feel relaxed. Also, the negative ions from these lamps can improve our wake-sleep cycle. 


Himalayan pink crystal lamps are safe for our kids too. We can place one in their room to give a calming dim glow for quality sleep. 

Asides from adding glow, these lamps can remove annoyance in our young ones. Also, they can help alleviate hyperactivity in the kids to some extent. Just ensure the lamps are out of their reach. 

Better skin

Some bacteria and contaminants in the air can trigger acne and eczema breakouts. One of the advantages of Himalayan pink rock salt lamps is that they ward bacteria off by releasing negative ions.  

They might not be as effective as a Himalayan pink salt foot soak or a soap yet they ensure having fewer skin problems. Also, a small number of negative ions can penetrate our skin and revitalize it. Touching these lamps can also lead to some detoxification through our skin. 

Does Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Have Side Effects?

No! Himalayan Pink salt Lamp doesn’t have any noticeable side effects. The benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt are so insignificant that there cannot be any case of allergy from pink salt lamps.

Crux Of The Matter

Himalayan pink salt lamp benefits range from air to respiration and from stress to sleep. These benefits are significant to an extent and we can multiply them by having more than one salt lamp. However, most of these benefits are effective in an insignificant manner.

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