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7 secret benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt foot detoxification

Toxins can steal our energy just like a toxic friend. Constant detoxification from both is necessary to lead a healthy life. Here is how Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification can help us get rid of toxins inside our bodies. 

7 Secret Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Detoxification

Himalayan pink salt foot soak comes with countless benefits. Some of them are stated below:

Mineral absorption

Himalayan pink salt is a package of 84 essential minerals along with electrolytes. When we dissolve it in foot soak water, the rare combination of these minerals creates a network that can penetrate our skin. 

Even though the exchange takes place at a minor level, we can benefit from these minerals through Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification.

Sodium and chloride ensure fluid balance in our cells. Apart from them, potassium uptake can help in generating new skin cells. 

This solution has the power to replace wastes and toxins with healthy minerals in our bodies. 

Removal of toxins

Do you know a build-up of toxins can give us bad breath? Toxins have a deteriorating effect on our bodies, from harming our enzymes to impairing our immunity. 

But an ionic solution of Himalayan pink salt foot soak can help us eliminate toxins. It attracts them out of your cells through the process of reverse osmosis. 

Also, it aids in alleviating surplus water in our skin layers. When this cleansing happens, our bodies become better at repairing themselves. As a result, we feel energetic.

No aching

Himalayan pink salt foot soak contains small amounts of an important mineral, that is magnesium. Even its minute presence holds significance and leaves a relaxing effect on us. 

The reason is that when our skin absorbs magnesium, it makes our blood flow better. A better blood flow reduces tightness and inflammation in our muscles. Consequently, our muscles no longer feel tired.

Detoxifying our feet in Himalayan pink salt foot soak can prove to be effective whether we face soreness from a physically exhausting day or have joint pain. It can also relieve arthritis. 

Nerve stimulation

A foot massage can make us have quality sleep. It’s because our feet carry more nerve endings than any other part of our bodies.

But what happens when we submerge our feet in the Himalayan pink salt foot detox mixture?

The warm temperature of the foot soak stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system. 

Our parasympathetic nervous system makes us feel relaxed. 

It’s another factor for detoxification as it takes our bodies out of flight or fight mode. 

What more can we ask for if a mere act of dipping our feet in Himalayan pink salt soak alleviates stress and anxiety! 

Cures Athlete’s foot

Wearing tight footwear can give us Athlete’s foot. It is a fungal infection that causes severe rashes mostly in athletes. 

A Himalayan pink salt foot soak can help us protect our skin against such infections.

The reason is, that Himalayan pink salt has antimicrobial properties. It prevents the fungus from growing and multiplying on our skin because it draws out water from its cell structure.  

Besides killing harmful microbes, Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification also strengthens our skin. It becomes hard for fungus to mess with our skin next time. Moreover, it can help us get rid of warts and other parasital infections.


Exfoliation refers to the process of removing dead cells from your skin, just like the callus on your heels. 

Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification makes it easy to deal with cracked heels, callus, and dry skin.

When it gets dissolved in water, it can penetrate the dead layer of our skin. This gives a similar experience to exfoliation without using any special techniques or tools. 

Furthermore, it makes our skin soft by adding moisturizing it. Along with removing dead skin, its mineral composition can give deep nourishment to our feet. 

Gets rid of stink

A disrupted pH can make our feet stink, no matter how hygiene-conscious we are. Bacteria that cause bad smells thrive in an acidic environment. 

To counteract the thrival of bacteria in an acidic environment, we can use Himalayan pink salt foot soak to balance the pH.

If you’re wondering how then the answer is Himalayan pink salt has a pH of 7.6 which is alkaline.

When Himalayan pink salt goes into the water, it creates an alkaline solution. Dipping our feet in Himalayan pink salt foot soak can neutralize our skin pH and keep the stink away from our feet.

Argh! That’s a lot of chemistry here! 

Method Of Preparation Of Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Soak

Himalayan pink salt foot soak sounds like a magic spell, eh? Let’s see how can we make this simple foot soak at home. 

Fill a small tub with moderately hot water and ensure it covers your feet. 

To make a saturated solution, you can add 6 tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt crystals in water. 

You can also let some coarse crystals at the bottom remain undissolved for extra exfoliation and massage experience. 

Place your feet in Himalayan pink salt soak for 20-30 minutes. 

Dry your feet with a towel once you are done. 

How Often I Should Do Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Soak?

There can’t be an exact answer to how often you should go for Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Soak. However, It is wise advice to go for it at least once in two weeks to ensure a healthy sleeping pattern and removal of toxins.


Going for Himalayan pink salt foot detoxification from time to time ensures boosting our body functions. The exchange occurs at the cellular level but gives a long-lasting result.

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