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Types of Himalayan pink salt

What are the Types of Himalayan Pink Salt?

There are two types of pink salt, Himalayan pink salt and lake salt.

Even Himalayan Pink salt comes in a number of types. Each type looks different yet is packed with the same amount of minerals that are helpful to your body.

Types of Himalayan Pink Salt

The types of Himalayan pink salt can be categorized on the basis of their color as well as the size of their crystals. 

Dark Pink Salt 

Dark Himalayan pink salt is the purest and the best type of Himalayan pink salt. This quality comes out of the Khewra mine in Pakistan and is usually exported outside the country. This quality has the least impurities and has the most noticeable health benefits.

Light Pink Salt

Light Himalayan pink salt is also of the same origin as that of dark pink salt. However, light pink salt is considered to be of lower quality. It may have an insignificant amount of impurities that turn its color from dark pink to light pink. Light Himalayan pink salt is widely used across Pakistan.

White Himalayan Salt

To your surprise, Himalayan pink salt is not always colored. A type of Himalayan pink salt is completely white which makes it impossible to distinguish it from sea salt on physical differences. However, white salt still has the composition same as the Himalayan salts with a chance of insignificant differences.

Black Himalayan Salt

Black Himalayan salt is widely used all over South Asia and referred to as ‘kala namak’. Black salt is made after passing Himalayan pink salt through a series of procedures.

The slightly pungent smell with a reddish-black look of the Black Himalayan pink salt sets it apart from the other types of salt. Moreover, black salt is considered to be one of the impurest forms Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt lumps (3-5 cm)

Himalayan pink salt lumps are around 3 to 5 cm large and usually used for decorative purposes or mass cooking. Himalayan pink salt lumps are also some of the cheapest forms of Himalayan pink salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt chunks (3-5 mm)

3-5 mm chunks of Himalayan pink salt are the most widely used form in cooking. This type of Himalayan pink salt usually comes with grinders and is used in topping and sprinkling on food dishes.

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grained

Some of the Himalayan pink salt sellers finely grain the salt into a powder form. This is the most suitable type for cooking and other industrial purposes. 

In A Nutshell

Himalayan pink salt exists in several types on the basis of color, composition, and size of the crystals. However, the types of Himalayan pink salt mentioned above are only those that are commonly distributed all over the world. 

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