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Is Himalayan Pink Salt Good For You?

In the pursuit of leading a normal life, we’ve to deal with certain challenges. Different phases and health conditions demand a different nutritional plan from us.

Salt comes among one of the most frowned upon food items. But is salt that bad? Does a natural salt like Himalayan pink salt fit in the diet of people with different health issues?

To clarify that, we’ve figured out some points here.  


For the sake of personalization of this piece of advice, we have divided it into different sections. Himalayan pink salt may or may not be good for you depending upon your health, age, history, and physique.

Is Himalayan pink salt good for children?

No salt and no sugar for a baby’s first year, checked! But when your baby turns one, you begin to introduce Himalayan pink salt in their foods. It’s a good choice because it’s natural and pure. 

When you feed your children Himalayan pink salt, they get benefitted from its 84 different essential elements. Also, sodium chloride is necessary for the growth and division of cells. 

Salt not only contributes to a child’s body growth but also their brain cell development. It does so by increasing the protein synthesis in cells. It improves your child’s cognitive abilities, making your ‘bundle of joy’ a better learning individual. 

But the salt needs of a child’s body aren’t high. It’s where Himalayan pink salt plays a key role. The reason is its sodium content is lower than table salt. 

You can give it to your children in a moderate amount without the fear of it harming their delicate kidneys. A child from the age of 1 to 3 can consume up to 2 g of Himalayan pink salt. While those above 7, can take 5 g of it. 

We know Himalayan pink salt crystals are coarse, a proper mixing can ensure a better experience for your little one. 

Is Himalayan pink salt good for pregnant mothers? 

Swollen feet can be one of your greatest concerns if you’re pregnant. Water retention is an important factor behind that.

Himalayan pink salt can help you get rid of it. You read that right! Contrary to popular belief, salt helps in getting rid of water retention instead of promoting it.  

It’s the unhealthy salt, which is the main culprit, coming from processed foods. Himalayan pink salt being a natural salt can improve your fetal health because its absence can compromise your baby’s growth.

A pregnant mother can consume up to 3 g of Himalayan pink salt per day. It helps you have the stimulation of hormones along with the regulation of proteins. Also, it ensures a proper blood volume for a better nutrient supply to the growing baby. 

Not only that, but salt intake also helps in developing a healthy birth weight for your newborn. It also nurtures your baby’s nervous and cardiorespiratory functions to the fullest.   

Apart from that, Himalayan pink salt also contains calcium in a small amount. It’s one of the most required minerals during pregnancy. The presence of other electrolytes like potassium and magnesium also helps in keeping off water retention. 

Himalayan pink salt is safe for lactating mothers too. It helps to enhance the quantity of their breast milk. Varying amounts of sodium in a mother’s milk must not confuse you in obstructing your salt intake. 

Is Himalayan pink salt good for diabetic patients?

If you have diabetes, then your risk of developing high blood pressure increases and vice versa. Let’s face the truth! Nobody likes to decrease their life expectancy by suffering from these diseases. 

But why do they even affect each other? When glucose in your blood rises, it sticks to your blood vessels making their inner lining narrow. 

We know that such a condition makes our blood vessels work harder. Like overworked people, they become frustrated and develop hypertension. 

At such a time, we recline towards restricting our salt consumption to lower our blood pressure. But to our surprise, low salt interrupts insulin production. And the lower the salt, the greater the insulin resistance. This, in turn, lowers the uptake of glucose in our bloodstream.

Himalayan pink salt can solve this issue. First, it’s pure salt, and free of additives. Its sodium content is a bit lower than regular salt, which makes it safe for consumption. It can also aid in the secretion of insulin.

Besides sodium, Himalayan pink salt also has two main minerals, potassium and magnesium. Both of them help in maintaining a healthy glucose level in our bodies. 

Is Himalayan pink salt good for obese patients?

Sole water and water flush made of Himalayan pink salt can help you shed extra pounds of your weight. From making your digestion better to detoxifying your body, Himalayan pink salt possesses properties aiding in weight loss. 

Himalayan pink salt is good for you because it helps you get rid of your water weight. It does so by maintaining an appropriate fluid ratio in your body. 

Also, its detoxifying property removes the build-up of toxins from your bloodstream. It helps in alkalizing your body and improves its pH.

Besides that, Himalayan pink salt can improve your digestion by stimulating certain digestive enzymes. It keeps you full for a long time and can help you stay away from unhealthy food cravings. 

Is Himalayan pink salt good for hyperthyroid patients?

Hyperthyroidism is a condition when your thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone more than its requirement. This overactivity of the thyroid can suck. 

If you suffer from hyperthyroidism, you might have to avoid table salt because it contains iodine. In such a case, what other salt can be better than Himalayan pink salt? 

Although iodine occurs naturally in Himalayan pink salt, it’s almost unobservable. This way you can get benefitted from it without any guilt because it contains no additives. It eliminates the need of going for any specially treated non-iodized salt. 

Is Himalayan pink salt good for migraineurs?

Migraines and headaches can make you feel stuck in life. Himalayan pink salt can prove to be helpful for these pounding headaches.

First, it can help you repair your relationship with sleep. A disrupted sleep pattern can be a great cause of headaches. Himalayan pink salt brings your hormones back to balance. 

Also, Himalayan pink salt keeps you away from dehydration. For one who has migraine, the sodium content in their body keeps getting depleted. Himalayan pink salt supplies enough sodium for holding on to water.

Apart from sodium, Himalayan pink salt supplies other electrolytes like chloride, potassium, and magnesium. All of these are essential for creating an electrical charge in our bodies. 

Any imbalance can lead to dehydration and overflow of potassium ions out of cells. Himalayan pink salt prevents a headache by making our sodium and potassium pumps work better. 


Himalayan pink salt is a boon for our overall well-being. Regardless of your situation, it is usually preferable over regular salt. However, precautionary and regulatory measures are always necessary.


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