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Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Room

 Grief can mold our personalities. Besides that, walking into a Himalayan pink salt room can make us feel like a changed person too. Here’s a list of reasons behind the change. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Room Benefit For Physical & Mental Health

Meditating in a Himalayan pink salt room is full of health benefits – from physical to mental health.

For respiration

Clearing mucus

We know, excess mucus can make our chests and noses feel congested. It’s because it affects the movement of our cilia which act like tiny brushes to sweep the mucus. They feel stuck!

But breathing inside a Himalayan pink salt room can give us a sigh of relief. The reason is that a Himalayan pink salt room has micron-sized particles of Himalayan pink salt. We can easily inhale them.

When these particles land on our mucus linings, they attract moisture to the mucus. It liquifies our mucus and makes it easy for our cilia to get rid of it. 

We can then cough out the mucus effectively and breathe without any irritating wheezing sound. In case of nasal congestion, it can restore our sense of smell. 

Killing irritants

We get allergies and respiratory illnesses when irritants think they own our air passages. They include different toxins and bacteria. 

To get rid of their toxic behavior, we can go for Himalayan pink salt room therapy. Its salt particles are pure and have the property of absorption. They distort the cell structure of bacteria and pull them out of the mucus.

It also helps in the loosening of mucus. When there’s less mucus, irritants find no place to reside. In turn, we get fewer symptoms of seasonal allergies, asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis. 

Lowering inflammation

Many of our breathing issues keep getting worse due to inflammation. It causes our muscles in the air passages to become narrow and swollen.

The Himalayan pink salt cave can help us heal our mucus linings. Salt has healing properties and strengthens our bronchial muscles by helping them recover from previous damage. 

It results in longer periods of relief from our respiratory ailments. And that too in a natural way. We might need 2-3 sessions per week for better results.

Cleansing air

When the air is salty, it’s healthy. Himalayan pink salt room ensures the air around you is free of toxins and allergens. 

It’s due to the hygroscopic nature of Himalayan pink salt. To avoid making things complicated here, it means it absorbs water particles that could be carrying anything harmful from pollen to animal dander. 

By doing so it filters the air around us in a salt room. This way, the Himalayan pink salt cave becomes a safe place for us to breathe. 

For skin

Healing skin

Himalayan pink salt particles in a salt cave have a minute size to penetrate the upper layers of our skin. They make our skin feel refreshed.

Apart from strengthening our skin, these salt particles in a Himalayan pink salt spa heal eczema and acne. You must be wondering how it does so?

The reason is it’s anti-microbial. It kills the bacteria causing redness and irritation in our skin. It absorbs all the toxins out of our skin making it healthier. 

For stress

Balancing positive ions

A Himalayan pink salt room contains negative ions. When Himalayan salt absorbs air contaminants it releases negative ions into the air. 

When we uptake these negative ions through breathing and skin, we can balance the presence of positive ions in our bodies. But why do we need to get rid of them?

The presence of electronic devices in our surroundings exposes us to positive ions. They can disrupt our stress hormones. Negative ions from a Himalayan pink salt cave can help us lower the flux of the positive ones. 

Elevating serotonin

When we walk, sit or inhale in a Himalayan pink salt room, we get is multiple benefits. The absorption of negative ions is one of them. 

It’s because they stimulate our happy hormone, serotonin. When we’ve sufficient amounts of serotonin, we become less prone to have anxiety and depression. 

Also, it can make us sleep better. The pinkish-peachy hue of a Himalayan pink salt spa not only offers a relaxing sight to our eyes but also makes our whole bodies feel relaxed. 


To reap the benefits of dry salt therapy, we can even build our own Himalayan pink salt room. For that, we need Himalayan pink salt bricks or tiles, ground crystals, LED lights, glue, and a halo generator. It’s optional to have a hidden trim. 

First, we put LED lights on the walls. A lighting system ensures a better look for the walls. Then we can stick the bricks together in different patterns. We must ensure a few centimeters of space between the cement wall and the Himalayan pink salt wall for ventilation.

When we cover the ceiling and walls with Himalayan pink salt tiles, we spread ground crystals on the floor. We install a halo generator to crush the Himalayan pink salt particles to micron size. 

We also need to make sure the room has a proper electricity supply, a heating system, and minimum moisture. And there you go!

If you are a resident of the United States, you can get your Himalayan pink salt rooms built by Pink Salt Walls.


The salt environment in a Himalayan pink salt room, even though an imitation of a salt cave, can improve our respiration, enhance dermal health and relax the nervous system. 

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