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himalayan pink salt for asthma


It’s harder to spot asthma triggers than red flags. They can make you suffer anywhere and anytime. Let’s discover how inhaling Himalayan pink salt can reduce your risk of having an asthma attack. 


Asthma is a respiratory obstruction disease that usually shows symptoms as a result of allergy and inflammation. This is how Himalayan pink salt inhalers help you reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Unfavorable environment for microbes

We know that asthma occurs when our mucus (a sticky fluid) becomes the habitat of bacteria and viruses. Nobody would want their mucus to be loaded with infectious microbes. 

But inhaling Himalayan pink salt can help you. It creates a salt environment that’s toxic for such microbes to flourish. The reason is high salt concentration can draw water out of bacterial cells. 

The loss of water can impair their cell structures and lead to their death. Yes, you read that right. Dehydrate those trouble-causing bacteria and let them die at the mercy of the water.  

Better expectoration

Build up of mucus in our air passages can be one of the most irritating things. Its thickening can make it hard to cough it out. 


This is where inhaling Himalayan pink salt proves to be effective. Its small particles can attract more water towards our respiratory tract. It makes our mucus thinner and easy to dislodge. 

Another plus point of inhaling Himalayan pink salt is it improves the movement of our cilia. Cilia are brush-like structures and they also aid in expelling mucus out of our lungs. 

Lower immune hypersensitivity

You might be thinking what does salt have to do with immunity. Let’s first understand what happens when our immunity is sensitive while suffering from asthma.

It makes us cough and has reactions against irritants when it’s not even necessary to do so. To do our immune system a favor, we can buy a Himalayan pink salt inhaler.

It’s because Himalayan pink salt possesses absorption properties. It absorbs the irritants and reduces the contact between irritants and our air pathways. This way body will react less to stimuli.

Reduction in swelling

‘Anti-inflammation’ can be the most common property of Himalayan pink salt that can pop up in our heads. During asthma, our mucus membranes become swollen. 

Inhaling Himalayan pink salt can soothe our swollen air passages. The reason is that it removes all the extra fluid causing inflammation and redness in our respiratory cells. 

And the lower the swelling, the broader the air passage. It can bring you a refreshing change and help you breathe effectively.


Diminished adrenal fatigue

Asthma attacks can put a lot of strain on our lungs. Also, they can make our chest tight, which further leads to anxiety and difficulty in breathing. 

Inhaling Himalayan pink salt can help lower adrenal fatigue. Because it releases negative ions. 

Without making it complex, negative ions help in boosting mood. They help in stimulating stress-reducing hormones. 

Negative ions not only make our bodies relaxed but also improve our sleep patterns. It’s beneficial in case you weren’t getting enough sleep due to asthma. 

A harmless device

Himalayan pink salt inhaler is safe because it’s free of additives. Using it can make your asthma symptoms go away for a long time, if not forever. 

Also, it can lower your dependence on steroids. You won’t have to face their side effects. An additional benefit is it can reduce your bills for asthma medications.

Besides that, its mouthpiece looks like that of a tobacco pipe. Replacing it with a cigarette can help obstruct the addiction. It can also help relieve asthma symptoms after quitting smoking.

Is Pink Salt Inhaler good for Asthma?

The above evidence manifests the beneficial effects of Himalayan pink salt inhalers to reduce the symptoms of asthma. However, Himalayan pink salt therapy for asthma should only be used with a doctor’s consultation. Moreover, it should not be adopted as an alternate treatment but should only be used as a complementary therapy.


Whether you suffer from mild asthma or chronic one, the Himalayan pink salt inhaler helps you combat all its symptoms. You won’t have to worry the next time your house gets treated with chemicals.

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