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Headache is like a bad date, when you are going through it, all you want is to get out of it at any cost. But over-the-counter drugs and pain killers don’t work all the time. Nor will massage and home remedies workout for you every single time. The good news is, that the usage of Himalayan pink salt for headaches has proven to be a quick remedy. 


Causes of headaches and migraines

Before we talk about ‘curing headache using Himalayan pink salt’, first let’s tell you what causes a headache most of the time.

A study suggests that when our bodies run low on sodium, we can suffer from a mild headache. It can even lead to a severe pounding headache like a migraine. Our worst nightmare!

Hyponatremia (low sodium) can occur due to many reasons from excessive sweating to high glucose levels. But why low sodium is a problem? It’s because electrolyte balance, such as sodium and potassium concentration, is important for almost every function of our body. 

Another crucial factor of headaches with similar symptoms is dehydration. Let’s be honest! Most of us lose our appetite when dealing with an episodic headache or migraine. 

If vomiting accompanies a headache, then it adds fuel to the fire. The reason is our bodies become deficient in both fluid and electrolytes. 

How to overcome electrolyte imbalance in headaches?

You can drink a lot of water and still not get hydrated. It might sound absurd. Let’s first understand hydration. It comprises a balanced ratio of electrolytes and water.

That’s why dehydration can also occur due to low sodium content in our blood. It’s because we need sodium, which is an essential electrolyte, for retaining water in our cells. 

Besides sodium, other electrolytes like chloride, potassium, and magnesium are also important for hydration. Chloride ions along with sodium ions create a voltage, contributing to the proper functioning of sodium and potassium pump.

Drinking a lot of water can dilute the electrolytes in our bodies. It can lead to water poisoning because potassium ions start to leave the cells. It’s the reason migraineurs get a prescription for potassium ion blockers.  

Also, magnesium serves as a key to operating the channels of our cells. Calcium and phosphate work side by side to provide enough energy and voltage to our cell pumps.

Himalayan pink salt targets the root cause of headaches

The consumption of Himalayan pink salt for headaches, especially migraines, replenishes the lost amount of sodium and other electrolytes. They, in turn, maintain a proper absorption of water by our brain cells. 

You might be wondering about the quantity of Himalayan pink salt consumption. We can consume up to 4600 mg of Himalayan pink salt for headaches and still be not left with any extra amounts of sodium. 

Why Himalayan pink salt for headaches is better than other remedies?

Himalayan pink salt has 84 different essential minerals including electrolytes. Their absorption can sharpen the activity of our brain cells and help in the reduction of brain fog.

Before the onset of a migraine headache, our serotonin levels first elevate and then drop.         

Serotonin isn’t only a happy chemical but also ensures proper signaling between neurons. 

Intake of Himalayan pink salt can elevate serotonin levels due to its hormone-balancing properties. It eliminates the need of taking anti-depressants and triptans for serotonin production. Also, these medications have tons of side effects while Himalayan pink salt has none. 

We go for over-the-counter pain killers for quick relief from migraine headaches, right? But Himalayan pink is a better alternative to them as it relieves the pain fast and in a natural way.

Himalayan pink salt can also save you from an Emergency Room and injection for IV fluid infusion (I’m sure the sight of that needle is giving you internal screams). The reason is, that it can make you hydrated without much struggle. 


Himalayan pink salt can be the best remedy for headaches and migraines. Why visit several doctors and go for expensive medications that don’t even assure efficacy. 

You don’t have to risk your daily life activities when you can relieve your headache by having edible Himalayan pink salt.

A secret – if you are running out of edible Himalayan pink salt to cure headaches, you can also go with table salt. But make sure that you take its quantity in a controlled amount. 

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