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Himalayan pink salt can act like a pink blusher. It can make your grandmother’s unique crockery collection look flushed. Besides that, Himalayan pink salt crockery items can transmit healthy benefits to the food they come in contact with. Let’s have a look at those benefits. 


Himalayan pink salt crockery makes your food even healthier. These are the different products you can find:

Himalayan pink salt cooking slab

A large chunk of Himalayan pink salt can add elegant variations to your cooking style. It’s because its multifunctionality can help you cook, sear, grill, and bake your food. But what makes it an even better alternative is its health-imparting properties. 

First thing first, Himalayan pink salt crockery is anti-microbial. It eliminates the presence of harmful bacteria present in your food. Also, it doesn’t absorb moisture readily. This low moisture-retaining ability prevents your food from getting an intense flavor. 

Besides that, the Himalayan pink salt grilling plate is a package of 84 minerals and trace elements. You not only get the goodness of sodium chloride, but also magnesium, potassium, and sulfate.

Also, a Himalayan pink salt cooking plate conducts heat evenly, a property uncommon in other cooking utensils. It ensures low time consumption while you cook. 

With Himalayan pink salt grilling block, you don’t need an excessive amount of oil. Just brush your vegetables or meat with oil and it’s ready to go. Also, a Himalayan pink salt cooking plate can increase the shelflife of your food by curing it. 

What if you’re more into baking? You can use one for even baking your cookies or pizza on it. It lends an appropriate saltiness to your baked items. 

Himalayan pink salt serving platter

A Himalayan pink salt serving dish can elevate your food presenting game. The reason is it comes in attractive rectangular and round shapes with curved borders.

But it requires more to be an effective serving plate. That’s its temperature tolerance. Its crystalline structure allows it to hold both low and high temperatures. And, that too for a long time. 

Once you cook on a Himalayan pink salt plate, you can immediately use it to serve the food. This way, you won’t have to worry about its temperature dropping. Also, you can put it in a refrigerator and enjoy your chilled fruits and desserts. 

Apart from that, you can use it as a cutting board. You can cut your salad on it and serve it at the same time. The moisture from the veggies can help transfer flavor from the plate to the salad. A Himalayan pink salt serving plate decorated with salad can be a sight to behold. 

Himalayan pink salt shot glasses

Among Himalayan pink salt crockery, these shot glasses stand out. They help you naturally season a drink of your choice. The reason is they add a hint of salt to your juice or cocktail. 

Also, Himalayan pink salt shot glasses are detoxifying. For this reason, they can leave you with an energizing experience. Besides that, they impart the benefits of different minerals and trace elements present in Himalayan pink salt. 

As far as their height is concerned, they can be 3 inches high. You can have your favorite drinks almost 100 times in these shot glasses. To sustain their life, you can sip immediately a drink from them. 

Once, you’re done you can wipe them with the help of a towel. Also, you should avoid breathing directly into a Himalayan pink salt shot glass.

Himalayan pink salt bowls

This Himalayan pink salt crockery item is a fascinating one. From serving appetizers to condiments, you can use Himalayan pink salt bowls.

They not only add flavor to your served food but also make it healthy. Also, its temperature-retaining property further enhances your eating experience. You can fill your Himalayan pink salt bowl with fruit or vegetable salad. 

Also, you can place scoops of ice cream in these pink-hued salt bowls. They would ensure your ice cream doesn’t melt. Apart from that, you can replace them with your gravy boat. 

Himalayan pink salt mortar and pestle

A Himalayan pink salt mortar and pestle help you traditionally crush spices. Grinding in it, not only gives saltiness to your spices but also gives them a distinctive texture.

Whether you wish to crush mint or spices for your food, it can grind them all. You can prepare a variety of dips and chutneys with the help of Himalayan pink salt mortar and pestle. 

It can be a great addition to your Himalayan pink salt crockery. This item can enhance the appeal of your kitchen counter due to its rosy tint and hand-carved shape. 

How to take care of your Himalayan pink salt crockery?

Your Himalayan pink salt crockery items aren’t on friendly terms with water. Never soak them in water or put them in a dishwasher because they can corrode. Also, don’t use a dishwasher liquid to clean them. 

Just give them an immediate rinse under running water or clean them with a damp cloth and let them dry. You can also use a soft scrubber or brush to remove the food leftovers. 

Always let your cooking plate reach room temperature on its own. In case of putting it in an oven, pre-heat the oven. When you cook on a Himalayan pink salt slab, it’s natural to change its color. To prevent it from exploding, ensure no water or oil gets trapped in its fissures.


Himalayan pink salt crockery is a must-have if you are a die-hard collector of unique crockery items. Using them, you not only get an eccentric look but also the transfusion of Himalayan pink salt’s natural benefits. 

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