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What comes to your mind when you think of someone trying to lose weight? A person with a huge belly, right? You are right to some extent. Because losing weight is often associated with cleaning up your belly. It’s been a tradition to use salt water flushes to clean up one’s belly. Continuing the tradition, today, different salt solutions made from Himalayan pink salt are made to help in weight loss. 

Himalayan pink salt targets our extra fat and improves digestion. Although no scientific data proves its benefits, however, we have looked into its fat loss benefits in depth. 

Balances water content

We know, a weighing scale reads our water weight too. Unlike regular table salt, Himalayan pink salt doesn’t bind water to our tissues. 

The reason is the low sodium content in Himalayan pink salt which causes lower water retention. Consequently, the scale shows a fractional weight loss due to the unbinding of water to your tissues. This is one of the ways Himalayan pink salt helps in weight loss.

Besides that, it saves us from dehydration. It does so by providing adequate sodium along with other electrolytes in our bodies. 

When our body gets enough water, it leads to a better metabolism. It causes our fat to break down. 

Suppresses unhealthy cravings

Binging on unhealthy snacks is irresistible for us most of the time. If we keep giving in to our cravings for sugar or junk food, we won’t be able to reduce fat.

Himalayan pink salt can help us control such cravings. It’s due to its satiating property, which makes us feel full for a longer time. Also, it reduces insulin resistance in our bodies. You may learn more at Is Himalayan Pink Salt good for diabetes? 

If you want to pat yourself on your shoulder next time you resist an unhealthy craving, then consume Himalayan pink salt sole water.

Gives a deep sleep 

If you’ve got a disrupted sleep pattern, it can increase your stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol affects your metabolism and causes you to gain weight. It interferes with your hunger and may lead you to overeat. 

Himalayan pink salt can bring your imbalanced hormones back to normal and help you lose weight. Also, it contains magnesium, which can make you sleep better. 

To do that, you may eat a teaspoon of five parts of honey mixed with one part of Himalayan pink salt. You can have it right before sleeping to help you get rid of that extra fat.

Improves digestion

A salty drink made of Himalayan pink salt can have a direct impact on our salivary glands. It activates them, which aids in the digestion of food. 

Moving further to the stomach, it stimulates hydrochloric acid along with other gastric juices. 

Himalayan pink salt helps in weight loss by activating certain digestive enzymes and colon cleansing via the removal of toxins and bacteria.

Soothes muscle aches

Exercise being an essential part of weight loss can give us sore muscles. A pause in it can ruin our fat-burning efforts. 

Himalayan pink salt acts as a natural muscle relaxant. It helps our muscles heal quickly from wear, tear, and cramps. 

Also, the presence of potassium in Himalayan pink salt balances calcium in our body. That’s why Himalayan pink salt soothes our joints and bones. Both these healing properties make it easier for us to lose fat. 

Rectifies pH

Himalayan pink salt can also balance the presence of positive and negative ions in our bodies. This is because it contains different electrolytes besides sodium and chloride.

Alkalization is beneficial for the better digestion of our food. Himalayan pink salt ensures that our kidney functions flawlessly which ultimately helps us in weight loss.

You can add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to a glass of water to achieve the optimum results. 

Stimulates high energy levels 

The presence of 84 unique minerals and elements gives Himalayan pink salt its energizing property. The absorption of these minerals gives energy to our cells. 

Iron and calcium are the most prominent ones in this respect. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to our body cells. 

Feeling energetic is directly associated with satiety. Himalayan Pink salt makes us feel satiated and eat less which helps us in weight loss.

Himalayan pink salt sole water for weight loss

To prepare Himalayan pink salt sole water for weight loss, first, you need a mason jar. Who hasn’t got one in their kitchen? Fill its three-fourth part with water and the remaining with Himalayan pink salt.

Be mindful of not using a metal utensil while preparing sole water. Stir to dissolve Himalayan pink salt till some of it remains undissolved. Then, let this solution rest for a night. 

For a week ahead, mix a teaspoon of sole water with 205 ml of water. Drink it on an empty stomach. 

For the second week, you can bring its consumption down to twice. You can resume consuming Himalayan pink salt sole water every day for the following week. Repeat the routine of the second week for the fourth week and so on. 

One teaspoon of sole water supplies up to 412 mg of sodium to your body. But if you suffer from high blood pressure, you shouldn’t go for Himalayan pink salt sole water. 

We know beverages like coffee and black tea are diuretics in nature. Their consumption can make our body’s pH acidic while nullifying the effect of sole water.

You may also have to limit the intake of sugar and regular white salt. To make Himalayan pink salt sole water work better, go for a 15-minute walk, along with drinking plenty of water. 

Himalayan pink salt water flush for weight loss

For this one, you need easy access to a bathroom for a whole day. Just like some water, you drink Himalayan pink salt water flush on an empty stomach. 

Grab a mason jar, and add two teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt to a liter of water. To serve its purpose, you need to drink it immediately after preparing it. 

Himalayan pink salt water flush helps unclog your colon besides relieving bloating and fluid retention. That’s why you seem to have an instant reduction in your weight. 

People on a juice fast can benefit more from Himalayan pink salt water flush. But those having medical conditions like hypertension or kidney disease and pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t consider it an option. 

Also, it does come with instant side effects. They include muscle spasms, nausea, weakness, and dehydration. So, you may need proper electrolyte replenishment while doing a Himalayan pink salt water flush. 


Himalayan pink salt is a wholesome package for weight loss. Not only does it have a direct effect on reducing your weight, but it also gives extra benefits that further aid in living a healthy life.

Whether you choose to add Himalayan pink salt to your food, take its sole, or flush water, it’s going to benefit you anyhow. 

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